Ways of protection from prostate cancer | ASSOCIATE PROF. CENK ACAR
Ways of protection from prostate cancer

Scanning and treatments aiming prostate cancer can be administered particularly in individuals with family members with prostate cancer. Positive prostate cancer in one of the first-degree relatives (father or brother) increases the cancer risk 2.5 times. Therefore, men not carrying a risk factor being tested for PSA (prostate-specific antigen) starting from the age of 45 and men with a family history positive for prostate cancer from the age of 40 is very important!

Studies have shown that selenium, zinc and vitamin C are not helpful in protection from prostate cancer. However, although without sufficient evidence, it is known that some foods prevent prostate cancer.

I recommend the following to be protected from prostate cancer:
• Consume at least 5 portions of vegetables and fruits daily. They must be consumed fresh.
• Prefer whole wheat bread, whole wheat macaroni and cereals.
• Limit red meat.
• Try to consume healthier protein sources such as fish, chicken or eggs.
• Prefer healthy oils: Olive oil, nuts, almonds, walnuts and avocado.
• Limit saturated fats (Animal-origin fats)
• Avoid trans fats in fast food.
• Reduce your sugar consumption and avoid drinks sweetened with sugar including soda or fabricated fruit juices...
• Limit you salt intake. Buy low-salt foods.
• Consume conserved, processed and frozen foods less.
• Reduce your portions. Eat slowly.
• Do not continue eating after you are full.
• Regular exercise reduces the risk of cardiac diseases, stroke and some cancers.
• Although relation of exercise with prostate cancer has not been shown clearly, it is certain that exercise is helpful.